Training according to Jerzy Grotowsky



The aim of the body work is to find the pre- expressive presence of the actor and to built it up, as it appears already before the scenic context and determines the being of the actor on stage in his essential meaning. Working with images, the erotic/ sensual element and the orientation to the partner gives the actor the possibility of creating an intense energy level which opens up a space in which new and uncommon range of expression is revealed. The actor gets the chance to regain the connection with his/her body and to the authentic play.



The work on the voice is the second step after the body training. It gives the possibility of the opening to the individual and human aspect of the actor on another level. The experience of the own voice and its inexhaustible means of expression is connected to the different body resonators which are used for the research of the intensity and the variety of colours of the individual voice of the actor.



The different rhythms of the individual, of the body/ voice constellation and the text are revealing themselves in the playing of the actor and are giving him/ her the base for the interpretation of the character. The reaearch and the extension of the own sense of rhythm lead the actor to exceedance of the routine handling of the body/ voice and speaking manners into the sphere of the theatrical being.



The textwork combines the elements of the body/voice/rhythm work and leads to a free, individual exposure to the material  which is not the intellectual- rational capture and interpretation of the content but the physical- energetic research of the playing with the linguistic component and its variety of expressions.

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