Workshop for Team Building (in english)

Designed for companies, associations and institutions of various kinds

A company needs motivated, creative and efficient employees who work together on the company`s goals and visions. We would be happy to introduce you to the TEAMPLAY concept, a concept that primarily appeals to the power of this collaboration in a playful context.


The company´s internal social structure can be strained or even fraught after weeks, months or years of work. Our workshop offers the opportunity to reestablish connections in a theatrical and playful way, to resolve a conflict in a fun atmosphere, to find a new impulse for social interaction or simply to enjoy the game together. A young team that has not been working together for a long time, gets to know each other in a friendly way at our workshop.


Motivating his employees is a challenge for every employer. The stronger the team, the higher the motivation, the better the understanding for one another and the personal interaction with one another, the more enthusiastic the employees are. With our intensive, twelve-hour workshop, we offer you a wide range of relaxation, body and play exercises, all designed for interaction. These exercises lead to the last part, a theatrical-playful competition game that appeal to the participants pleasure of improvisation and creativity. 


We are happy to accompany you and your team over a longer period of time and offer regular training.


Duration: 3 days/ 4 hours per day ( weekend also possible)

Location : Theaterlabor Berlin/ Warschauerstr.59A/ 10243 Berlin or the room option you have chosen

Participants: minimum 4/ maximum 8

Costs: 300€ per participant

             Recompense of potential travel expenses within Germany

Game leaders: Rebecca Shein, Ruben Bravo

Theaterlabor Berlin e.V.

Warschauerstrasse 59A