„An act of creation has nothing to do with either external comfort or conventional human civility; that is to say working conditions in which everybody is happy ... We fight then to discover, to experience the truth about ourselves; to tear away the masks behind which we hide daily. We see theatre - especially in its palpable, carnal aspect - as a place of provocation, a challenge the actor sets himself and also, indirectly, other people. Theatre only has a meaning if it allows us to transcend our stereotyped vision, our conventional feelings and customs, our standards of judgment - not just for the sake of doing so, but so that we may experience what is real and, having already given up all daily escapes and pretenses, in a state of complete defenselessness unveil, give, discover ourselves. In this way - through shock, through the shudder which causes us to drop our dally masks and mannerisms - we are able, without hiding anything, to entrust ourselves to something we cannot name but in which live Eros and Charitas.“


- Jerzy Grotowski -




Laboratory ( informally, lab.Originally from the latin laborare = to work, to suffer, to struggle) is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which  scientific research experiments, and measurement may be performed.


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