A research project member or group is allowed to use the working space of the association in order to carry out an artistic or discovery-led project. A project description is needed to make an application which will be examined and positively evaluated by the chairmen/woman.


During the working period the project member has to bear the cost of the rent proportionately.


In case that the research work is approved by the association, the project member or group  has a free entry to all events, courses offered and other activities of the association.


Upon completion of the research work the use of space has to be requested anew at the executive committee.


In special cases the costs of the rent can be reduced or waived by the executive committee.


The project member is obliged to present the results of the working period in the association in an interior or external form for the purpose of protocolic documentation. In case that the project was developed in the work space of the association the TLB should be mentioned in the press relations of the public performance.

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